Sole Addiction

Nike Air Huaraches Believe it or not, I do wear sneakers other than Jordan's. If I had to put together a top 10 or maybe even a top 20 you better believe the Huaraches are in the top 5 of that list.

Acquired Taste

Words are traps for ideas. Once the idea is caught... The trap is no longer needed. Thus. He who knows... Does not speak. - the Abbott Paridissimo - Noun. The plural of paradise. A place of tranquility and relaxation. Can also be used as an emotional description. "How you feeling today my man?" "Parridisimo Fam".

Welcome to my Platform

Welcome! You could be anywhere in the world, but you chose to be here with me. My Digital Legacy is my platform to express through my favorite form of communication - words.  Bookmark me, because I have some great things in store.