Truth Teller Experience is a dynamic literary exposé featuring Author and Orator – Aquanza Cadogan.

The modern day revival of the artistic and literary explosion which defined the 1920’s, otherwise known as the ‘Harlem Renaissance’, The Truth Teller Experience is the perfect blend of intellectuals, literary artists, fine artists and musicians of the 21st Century.

This experience breaths new life and energy into a platform that gave birth to some of the literary greats like Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, James Weldon-Johnson, and Alaine Locke. Who knows what greats will be born of this movement?

Say It Loud!: The Truth Teller Experience

A traveling narrated show that showcases black business and artists while using socially conscious topics, Afrocentric artwork and music that inspires people of all ages and nationalities about black culture.

The Soap Box Project: The Truth Teller Experience

A mobile soap box that uses music and the power of words as a platform for purpose.

Well Said…: The Truth Teller Experience

A program intended to teach young people in schools how to use their voices to become better leaders and inspire other youths with the power of words.


Our job as conscious people is not to teach the unconscious to be conscious
but to make them conscious of their unconscious behavior. – Kwame Touré