Scoop Jackson
Robert “Scoop” Jackson

It’s very rare that a Writer/Journalist gets any acclaim. Notoriety of that form is usually reserved for Ball Players, Actors and Musicians but from a Writers perspective “Scoop” Jackson is my hero. The Chi-Town native and Xavier/Howard grad has written in basketball and hip hop magazines for over 15 years and a large part of why I decided to become a Wordsmith.

I first discovered Scoop in the pages of a Slam Magazine when I was a teenager and marveled at how his writing  felt like a discussion with my boys. How his word choice and street vernacular painted his articles as visual works rather than just words on printed paper. What made my obsession with Scoop greater was he looked like me, dressed like me and held the job I aspired to have (writer for The Source, XXL, Vibe, Slam Mag. – Just to name a few). Scoop is the Spike Lee of the word game so I pay tribute to someone who may never get the credit they deserve.

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