AstroWho can forget the Brownsville native that stole our hearts in the first season of X Factor? Brian Bradley, better known as Astro… a.k.a. “the astronomical kid” even had me quoting “Stop Looking at my Moms!” after he hit the stage with his hip hop swag. But after his elimination from L.A. Reid’s group (the Boys) with his typical New Yorker response to landing in the bottom 3, not much press has come out around the now 18-year-old New Yorker.

Until now…

Now in no way am I going to become a movie critic or endorse a film I’ve never seen, but I was happy to see Astro (Brian) as a main character in the new Disney movie Earth to Echo, an adventure film about 3 friends and their alien sidekick. I’m thrilled to see that life for artist does continues after the bright lights of reality television fades.

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