IMG_7399“Who you like in the Hip Hop game right now?”

That’s always a difficult question because the climate of the music is always shifting. The winds from the South still continues to influence the industry and the music itself. But with artists like Kendrick Lamar blowing in from the West and a roster of new talent coming in from the East, the look and feel of the music is overdue for a change in the forecast.

Ask me that question when I was 18 and my response may have been:

1. Rakim
2.  Biggie
3. Nas
4. Jay-Z
5. Black Thought

But now that storms are blowing in from all costs, I’ve learn to change and adapt just like the landscape of the music.

So who do I like in the Hip Hop game right now?

I’m sure many of you have never heard of these Emcee’s but these Wordsmith’s continue to bring thunderstorms in my opinion and have formed my new top 5.

1. Skyzoo
2. Willie The Kid
3. Kendrick Lamar
4. Joey Bada$$
5. Roc Marciano

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