Gone in 3 Seconds


The Air Jordan 1 “Royal” is




last Jordan Retro I remember attempting to purchase before retirement. In an effort to slow down the “bot” epidemic (a computer program used by on-line sneakerheads that enables them to add how many pairs/size /shipping and payment info automatically without them having to be present on the web), Nike launched a twitter campaign alerting sneakerheads when the running of the bulls would commence on Nike.com (the most reliable of on-line sneaker markets in terms of fulfillment) .

Snead’s were told that a tweet would be sent at 8:00 AM so at 7:58 I was on the refresh button heavy! Need I forget to mention – I joined twitter just for this new movement so my expectations were high. At 8:02 the sneaker was sold out… So much for fixing the bot issue.


This Saturday the Air Jordan 1 will return in the “Sport Blue” AJ KO model and I’ll be watching the pandemonium from the sidelines. Good luck to everyone trying to score a pair.


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