20150919_100519Independant – I thought I knew exactly what that word meant the day I left my parents house for college. Free from parental oversight, tyranny, rules and regulations.

But in realty…

Independence is really a bitter, cold thief that muggs you the minute you step outside the door. Of course I tried the traditional style of authorship.

1.Boy writes manuscript

2. Boy sends manuscript to publishers

3.Publishers fight over Boy’s manuscript

4. Boy becomes famous writer

Yea right!

Even after I did what I thought was 80% of the work, (created the book cover, paid for all needed copywrite paperwork, edited over 1,000 pages of copy and garnered over 200 organic followers) my books still “didn’t meet the criteria” of most of the publishing companies that mass distributed urban fiction books.

So here came that mighty independant artist charge! Screw the naysayers, Debbie downers and haters of my craft! “I could do it myself!”

Naive boy gets reality check!

“I learned the hard way,” as my parents would say. I joined the rat race of so called writers all vying for a piece of that gouda cheese (fame).

So while I’m trying to learn the path to success in the writing world, the sheer magnitude of work required to just be recognized as a local artist rested on my shoulders like a max squat on leg day.

Rather than sit and cry “whoa is me,” I’m rolling up my sleeves and working as hard as possible to attain a level of success that enables me to write full time, pay my bills and keep a roof overy my families head.

I’m writing to get the one person in the room that doesn’t read books to say, “because of your books I enjoy reading.”

Support, support, support! If you have a friend, co-worker or neighbor that is working towards something – support it! Their selling something on Etsy or Ebay – buy something! We (the consumers) dictate what’s popular, trending or cool. So why not discover the next talent or product instead of the spoon fed norm?

If every friend, follower and family member brought one copy of my book, I could make a blip on the radar loud enough for the world to hear my talent.

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