So I’m currently in between books and finally decided to start using this 8c25b5cd93d719ff0ed9c7b952c666c5site to my advantage. Let’s face it, the last thing I want to do after I’ve spent hours crafting chapters, characters and dialog is write more, but I have a rare opportunity to speak directly to you – my fans. It sounds funny to write that (like I have fans)… but if your reading this you’ve obviously taken time out of your day to rock with me so I salute you – my fan.

With 2016 on the horizon I’m going to get an early start on one of my resolutions – Blog more. If you never read any of my books, then hopefully I’ll cross your timeline on a reblog  or you’ll see the name Aquanza in passing. Regardless, I have a platform to be heard so listen up!

5 Minutes of you Time


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