Bennet, the New York domino legend! His dad was a legend, and his dads, dad was a legend. They ran the underground gambling circuit in the tri-borough for decades. Until he relocates to college life in the south bringing his luck and fortune to an uncertain future.

Why Queens, NY? (Aren’t you from Brooklyn?). In retrospect, I really wanted this character to come from Harlem, NY purely for the history and legacy of that borough. Then I decided I wanted to take the other side of the lifelong debate of which borough was better – Brooklyn or Queens. It was a rivalry that started way before Jay-Z and Nas, it was the MC Shan vs. KRS (BDP) battle that prompted me to take the side of Queens. Let’s make one thing clear – Brooklyn reigns supreme! But to challenge myself, I wanted to write from a different perspective a side that would force me to do my homework, force me to listen, force me to grow.

Quintin Bennet was born out of fashion, music/arts that surround the city the true definition of the word “Urban.”

Quintin’s Soundtrack

  1. Survival of the Fittest – Mobb Deep
  2. Waves – Joey Bada$$
  3. St. Tropez – J.Cole
  4. Like This – Christian Scott
  5. 6PM In New York – Drake
  6. Sekou Story – Nas
  7. It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate – The Revelations
  8. Snow – Roc Marciano
  9. R.I.P – Prodigy & Alchemist
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