Caesar Gibson


Caesar Gibson, a pretty-boy basketball legend, has his career cut short by a jealous sports agent who was driven by greed and power. The sneakerhead , graffiti artist and retired lady-lover returns to the hard-wood to coach the team he lead to championship status decades ago.

I was fortunate to spend some time out West between San Diego, L.A. and Napa Valley, while I was there I gained my inspiration for my character Caesar Gibson. Combine the laid back atmosphere, the obvious time zone change with my love for basketball and sneakers, the rest is history!

Caesar (in my opinion) has the most layers, starting as a bad-boy womanizer in Summer Session and evolving into a mature, love seeking idol in Alumni.  If I had to choose between two characters I had the most fun writing for, it would be Caesar and possibly Marquel.

Caesar’s Soundtrack:

  1. Can’t Knock the Hustle – Jay-Z
  2. Passin’ Me Bye – The Pharcyde
  3. The Weather – Nipsey Hussle
  4. Crime – Mayer Hawthorne
  5. She Wanna – Willie the Kid
  6. Come Home – Rapsody
  7. I Like It – Grand Puba
  8. Beautiful – Mali Music
  9. The Light – Common

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