He now led the largest media distribution corporation in the world while being one of the youngest self-made millionaire’s in the world. His tainted college past could be the biggest price he would have to pay for lasting success.

They say your not suppose to choose favorites but… Marquel Howard was conscious, responsible adulthood. A story for brothers to read and understand that relationship goals, pro-race and getting money can coexist. A discussion about parenthood, marriage and of course Body Language, Marquel Howard – Radio personality, activist and mental masseuse is a character that will inspire the inner hustler in all of us.

Regardless of the character, regardless of the situation, the stories of Harlem, Quintin, Caesar and Marquel will captivate your heart.


Marquel’s Soundtrack:

  1. Can I Live – Jay –Z
  2. Jesus Children – Robert Glasper
  3. Counting Until it Hurts – Skyzoo
  4. Picture Perfect – Eric Roberson
  5. Reality Check – Grand Puba
  6. My Story – Nicolay
  7. They Say – Common
  8. Complexion (A Zulu Love) – Kendrick Lamar
  9. This is Your Life– Norman Connors
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