You have to believe in the Universe putting you in the right place at the right time. I Aquanza + AJ 1'srecently hit a road block on my newest novel “Sketches of a bluNote,” which is a modern story of Fatherhood using Jazz music as the catalyst for parenting. Sure, a topic like that may not move a ton of books off the shelves but I always try to write what I’m passionate about and then let the world catch-up to the story.

Regardless, I was struggling with how to make the timeless art form of Jazz music appealing to people who rarely listen to or understand the sound.

And then it happened…

Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter came to town (only 1 of 3 shows in North America) and I was there to witness it!

Sure, as a Jazz lover this concert meant more to me than a normal person but to hit a writers road block and have it unclogged by one of my top 5 favorite jazz musicians of all time was almost spiritual.

I guess you’ll have to stay tuned for “Sketches of a bluNote,” to figure out if the music helped me and the universe create something special.

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