None of this matters anymore, but 48-hours ago it was a huge deal!

When my boy “D” texted me and said, “Got us on the list to see Jordan’s new store.” I thought to myself… thank god, because I was completely over this obsession with sneakers, and the gasoline being poured on the bonfire culture. So seeing the shop in a more mature way was just my speed.

Now being the photojournalist I am… I snapped a few pics of the 1-of-1 series (the only pair of this particular shoe in exsistance) on display in the store and because no one stopped me, I took a pic of every pair on display. Without even thinking I put the pics in some cool filter on my IG and posted it.

My phone vibrated with a new alert every 10 seconds for the next few hours.

Come to think of it, only a few pictures of the series had surfaced prior to the opening of the store (XXIII, V, IV, III) and until my pictures I’m not sure many new an entire series was created for the grand opening.

Long story short, my images were blogged and reblogged hundreds of times over on every social media outlet. It was “liked” and “retweeted” by thousands of people and because I didn’t put a watermark or some type of copyright on them I never got the credit.

Call it a lesson learned…
Call it an amateur move by a social media newbie…

But I posted the picture simply for the love. I’d be foolish to say I didn’t want the photo cred (it would have done great things for my brand) but the majority of sneakerheads enjoying the pic have no clue it originated from me.

I am responsible for what I create, next time I’ll give myself the credit.


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