Parenting didn’t come with a manual or a blueprint. It wasn’t a distinct sound, note or call

Sketches of a bluNote by Aquanza Cadogan

for action or change. Meet the Thompson family – A simple family catapulted into uncharted terrain called “fame.”

Gray Thompson, a Jazz musician who’s Harlem origin is both acclaimed and criticized as his fame fades with time. Join Gray as he navigates through Fatherhood and a struggling music industry that provides some uncanny life lessons.

Blu Thompson, the soccer phenom who puts Harlem on a global scale with his fancy footwork and urban swagger. His every move is documented and broadcasted live as he sets unheard of social media records and obtains unthinkable endorsement deals before getting his driver’s license. He quickly learns that fame comes with tremendous responsibility and an even higher cost that may be too high to repay.

Sketch Thompson gave her all to Harlem. The Grey Building was the only structure over 10-stories in the middle of Harlem. It became an oasis for the old, the sick and senile and a place Sketch fought endlessly to protect.  Her passion for woman’s rights and to protect the legacy created by her mother will cause her to do the unimaginable to preserve her movement.

Harlem had a certain character, a certain code of ethics but more importantly it had a distinct sound.  A sound defined by Gray, a code of ethics diverse like Blu and an undeniable character built and maintained by Sketch Thompson.

Sketches of a bluNote by Aquanza Cadogan

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