Soapbox Project
The Soapbox Project by Aquanza Cadogan

The NFL has the Super Bowl…
The NBA has the Finals…


But for speakers the pinnacle of success (for me) has always been making it on a TED Talk. Now for those of you who have no idea what a TED Talk is, by definition they are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity. “Ideas worth spreading” is the tag line of the short powerful talks from trusted voices all around the globe.

I am currently 0-3 on getting into a local TED Talk. Possibly because I haven’t led a Fortune 500 company to success or created something news worthy for society – yet. Regardless, when I’m told there is no way… I find a way.

Welcome to the Soapbox Project! Just one initiative of the Truth Teller Experience I’m trying to create in my city. The Aquanza Cadogan version of the global speaking platform that believes stories deserve to be told regardless of your title. Instead of grand auditoriums and choreographed power points, these stories are told on street corners, Art Fairs and Community Events using enlightening and educational street conversations about real-world issues.

I can still see myself standing on that iconic circular red rug in the middle of the stage, those large block letters behind me reading TED. For now, a genuine mud cloth rug will be my foundation for every talk, a hand-painted soapbox and a microphone armed with stories of my ancestors being told for a 21st century generation.

The Truth Teller Experience: The Soap Box Project will debut at Creative City Project event Immerse on October 21st in Downtown Orlando.

Stay tuned for more information.

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